About Cheryl Laidlaw

Cheryl Laidlaw runs Website in a Day. She is passionate about web design and the importance of brand awareness. Cheryl has seen first hand the impact that a consistent brand message can have. As a Web and a Graphic Designer, she has also become increasingly aware of how social media plays such a critical part in establishing a brand's presence.

How to attract your ideal clients

How to attract your ideal clients In order to find your ideal clients you must first look at your branding and the messages that you send out online. It can be very frustrating waiting for the right clients to come along, but these points will hugely help you pull in your perfect clients. Professional user-friendly [...]

Should You Display Your Service Prices on Your Website?

A common question I’m asked when I’m working with my clients on ‘Website in a Day’ is: ‘Should I have a price list or pricing page on my website? every business is different and this really depends on your industry and your pricing structure. If you niche with one product like myself, this is an [...]

3 simple things you can do to improve your website, today.

There are a few minor improvements you can make that although they may seem small could make a big difference in the long run. Today we are going to focus on improving your Google juice, to help you get found on search, user-friendliness of your website and improve the length of time your potential clients [...]