How to create a gravatar profile

When I create a website for my clients. It isn’t long before they give me a call and ask me  “How to create a Gravatar profile?” which means, how can they have their image appear on their blog under the comments section. like so…

It’s very easy to do and I’m going to show you how step by step.
First things first…. Login into your WordPress website and click on Users > Your Profile scroll down to Biographical Info

This is where you can enter your bio. Remember to make this about how you can help the reader rather than me me me. A call to action at the end wouldn’t go a miss either.
Once you are happy with your bio it’s time to upload your picture, but first, you need to register your account with Gravatar.
Below the bio, you will see a blue ‘Gravatar‘ link asking you to upload your profile picture. If you click that button this will take you to the Gravatar website where they will ask you to create an account (if you can’t see the link in your user profile use this link: Make sure you use the same email address as you do for your website. Gravatar will ask you to upload a photo and ask you to activate your Gravatar via email and ‘wallah’ you have your Gravatar.

The benefits of having a Gravatar

Another great reason for registering your Gravatar is when you comment on another blog, your picture will show up along with your website address. This is great for SEO and also helps people in your industry to link back to your website.
I hope you found this blog interesting, maybe give me a comment below once you have created your very own Gravatar and let me know how easy it was to achieve. ☺