Should You Display Your Service Prices on Your Website?

A common question I’m asked when I’m working with my clients on ‘Website in a Day’ is: ‘Should I have a price list or pricing page on my website? every business is different and this really depends on your industry and your pricing structure. If you niche with one product like myself, this is an easy question – yes most definitely. But if you have many services here are a few pros and cons that you may want to think about first before you decide:
Some of the Benefits of displaying prices are:

  • There are less ‘back and forth’ emails about fees.
  • You spend less time on Proposals.
  • It’s a great way to target only the clients you want.

Some of the negatives of displaying prices are:

  • Your competitor can see what you are charging
  • Potential clients might not contact you if they are buying on price alone.
  • If your copywriting isn’t specific enough, then this might be a hindrance to your converting sales.

The first action I took when I started as a web designer was to have pricing ‘levels’ on my website. If you present all your services at varying price points, you run the risk of confusing your potential clients. Introducing level packages really helped me to sell websites and made my referral funnel stronger.
I used Gold, Silver and Bronze to differentiate between each one but I’ve seen other websites use, ‘Professional, Intermediate and Basic’ this is up to you. You can create your own services levels and keep your customers engaged in the process of doing business with you.
If your prices are bespoke to each client then it may not be possible to have fixed prices on your website. This is often true for many event planners, builders, medical clinics etc. Usually these business will provide custom quotes rather than display set prices.

If you would like help with your website pricing page, give me a call and I’ll be happy to advise.