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heryl is an utter joy to work with and is not only wonderfully bubbly and down to earth but she really knows her stuff when it comes to building websites and supporting materials. Cheryl not only listens to a brief but takes the time to fully understand it and add value and insight to it creating wonderful sites that really celebrate the brands’ essence. I love my site and have had so many compliments on it so thank you Cheryl!”

Karen Campbell, Karen Campbell Marketing

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“Cheryl truly gets on board with your vision, she is informative about all matters relating to your website and patient building it. I am a designer, and very specific about how I wanted to mine to look, down to precise colours, photo sizes and font sizing, spacing and types. I could not recommend Cheryl enough, nothing was too much trouble and she even buys you lunch as part of the website-in-a-day package. Thanks so much Cheryl I am super happy with the result

Nicola Brown, Construct Design

“Cheryl is very fast, has great communication and prompt. I like the way Cheryl set up meetings with me in advance to get everything as clear as possible before moving on to the real day! She’s very supportive, open minded person. Someone who I can trust working with in long term. she does what she says and when she says. My dream work is finally being published online! and all very quickly too!

Cheryl can assist me with all my future works.  I don’t have to worry about people messing around as it was all done in one day. Cheryl will explain everything to you even if you dont know anything about computers,  Don’t worry about anything.  she really lives up to her title as a winner and I respect her for that.”

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My website in a day experience with Cheryl was a great one, which was surprisingly straight forward and actually really enjoyable.

My only other experience of website design had been the opposite of this, built in snatches of time around work, with content prepared in a very ad-hoc way and little guidance on getting the look and feel of the website right. This to and fro with the web designer dragged on for around 6 months, something that on reflection was really an inefficient use of all parties time.

I’d unreservedly recommend Cheryl’s website in a day package to anyone looking to produce a professional looking site with their design and ideals at the core of the project. I’m not in the least bit a creative person, but I do have a strong opinion on design that I do and don’t like. With her expertise in design Cheryl was able to incorporate the elements of website design that I liked and reflect this in the end product which I genuinely love and feel proud of.

Scott Newton, London Running Physio

“Cheryl was the ‘website paramedic’ who arrived just when I needed her; in actual fact, she didn’t so much come to my aid in an ambulance, it was more like she swooped me up in her metaphorical designer pink turbo Cadillac. I’m a busy professional, and after getting a little bit too caught up in the day-to-day of my practice, my website was becoming outdated, non-reflective of the service I offer, and frankly an SEO health hazard!

I was lucky enough to be connected with Cheryl after I found myself in the position of having to sack my previous web designer – twice! I just wasn’t getting momentum, good design, or adequate communication – I had to literally drag­ the work out of them, and eventually gave up.
Cheryl was a breath of fresh air. She made a thorough assessment of my design and brand needs, helped me escape from the boring ‘cookie cutter’, word-stuffed, medical web design so frequently seen on the net. Within a single day, she and I worked together to produce an aesthetically beautiful, functionally efficient website, that ticks all those design boxes. I am always so proud to show it to colleagues and clients, and I’ve received great feed-back about it. The best part is, it all came together on a single day, without the frustration of back-and-forth emailing over the tweaking of details.

Cheryl really listened to what I wanted to achieve and she gently steered me away from over-complexity. Her first-and-foremost art and design skills has given me a finished website that’s fresh and fabulous. She teaches you how to maintain your site, she’s always on the end of phone for any tips and tricks, and she is a complete joy to work with.

If you’re looking for a re-vamp or a bright new beginning for your web presence, frankly, you’d be mad not to work with her.”

Dr Cath Spencer-Smith, Sportdoc London

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met Cheryl a few weeks before our Website in a day session to discuss what I wanted for my website. Ahead of our meeting I felt a bit overwhelmed. I was in the middle of creating my own business, I had tried to create my website by myself but had no idea where to start.

But from the moment I met with Cheryl in person I felt completely relaxed. We had a great chat about all sorts of things, I felt like I could open up to her fully about my journey. Within a few moments I completely lost my fears and started to share the same excitement that she did for creating my website.

Every idea that she had for my website I genuinely loved. It felt as though we were completely on the same vibe!

On the day itself I felt fully at ease and it felt as though everything flowed magically into place. It was so nice to be involved with putting it all together. When I share my experiences with others they’re pleasantly surprised with the unique creation process Website in a Day offers.

The whole process, something I initially dreaded and feared, was fun and exciting. I adore my website, the look and feel that she helped to create, and I get so many compliments!”

Charlotte Rawley, The Wild Unicorn Club

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Without Cheryl, my website would never have happened. Building it myself just wasn’t working – I could never find enough time, and even when I did, the technical challenges were too great. I couldn’t achieve the look I wanted with free site-building options, and I had a very particular design in mind. In short, I had given up.

Cheryl interpreted my brief beautifully, coming up with several layouts in advance, from which I chose my favourite. We then worked together and made it happen – IN ONE DAY! Cheryl works so quickly, and each time we refreshed the screen, another element of the site was in place and looking amazing. It was so much fun, and a huge relief to have everything taken care of with such skill and good humour!

Coming away with a live site that I’m really proud of has been a game changer for me. I can make most ongoing changes and updates myself, and it’s great to know Cheryl is always available to help with anything more complicated.

I can’t recommend Website in a Day highly enough. The time I’ve saved has been used far more effectively doing the things I do best.”

Claire Norwood, Claire Norwood Property

“It can be stressful when you embark on creating a new website. But not when you work with Cheryl. Cheryl and I met up on Monday to create a ‘Website in a Day’ to underpin my rebranding to Sassy Social Marketing.

We got so much done in one day as Cheryl’s fingers moved like lightening across the keyboard. I’m thrilled with the result, we had a laugh as we worked, and next thing I knew I had a new website I love. I shared it that evening with my friends and business contacts on Facebook and Twitter, and they loved it too.

I highly recommend Cheryl’s ‘Website in a Day’ service, it was a great experience and an exciting result.”

Alyson Reay, Sassy Social Marketing

“If you don’t believe a website can be built in a day you haven’t met Cheryl. Her fingers fly! By the end of the day I had my goal – a professionally designed website that really looks the business. Cheryl was a joy to work alongside, too, and aftercare when the site is live.”

Alison Harmer, Harmer Editorial

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