Once your website has been designed and built, it is usually up to you to keep the website up to date. (That’s if you haven’t got management staff or a team of people)
The first step is to post a blog on your website so that you can encourage potential clients to visit your website. You may have had training on this but today I want to refresh your memory in a step by step tutorial that you can come back to, whenever you like.
I have recoreded a video with instructions uneath. Good luck

Step 1
Write the blog (I find this is usually my biggest challenge)
What to write about and what do my current and potential clients want to read?
How can I help them?
Can I give anything away free that will keep them coming back? Like a worksheet, a download etc…
Once you’ve completed the part… its time to post the fantastic blog you’ve written.
Step 2
log in to your website, this is usually your website domain followed by /wp-admin
Your login page will look like this:

Once you have found your login details and successfully logged in you will come to the ‘Dashboard’ screen, which is an over hall view of the website.
On the left hand side of the page you will see a menu structure. Hover your curser over the title that says ‘Posts’ (This is the blog section of wordpress)

Step 3
Once the sub menu appears click on the title that says ‘Add New’

Step 4
You will come to the ‘blog post’ page that looks like this:

Step 5
The first thing that I recommend that you do is to insert the title of the blog where is says ‘Enter Title Here’

Step 6
You want to then add your blog post copy and image/s using the text box below the title. You will see a ‘word.doc’ like menu structure that will allow you to use the usual bold, alignment and add bullet points if needed.

Step 7 – Adding a hyperlink
I’m going to presume that you want to add links to your blog. To do this you will need to high-light the piece of text that you want to ‘link’:

Then find the button that looks like a key chain and click it.     

This will activate the pop up, that will ask you for the hyperlink. You will want to add the URL here. (but if you want to add a link out the website I highly recommend that you click the ‘cog’ button and tick the box that opens in new window)
Your link will now be highlighted so you know that it’s been successfully inserted.

Step 8 – Inserting an image
To add an image to your blog, place your curser where you want to the image to appear and select the ‘Add Media’ button just above the text box.

Once you have pressed this button, this will prompt a ‘pop up’ where you can upload your image.

You can either upload an image straight from your computer using the ‘Upload Files’ or select a photo that is already in your media library. To do this, click on the image that you have ‘upload or selected and click ‘Insert into post’ in the bottom right hand corner of the page.

Your image will then appear in the blog along side your copy.

After you have completed these steps the last thing I recommend that you do is read through your blog, checking your spelling and grammar. (I’m always have to triple check this) ha
If you are ready to ‘Go live’ with your blog there is a button on the right hand side of the page that says ‘Publish’ – Click this button and you will have successfully posted your first blog.

Happy Blogging…