How does Website in a Day work…

Client briefing

Whether face-to-face, on Skype or by phone we discuss the brief. We pinpoint your target audience and the services you offer. We look at websites you like and explore designs that will reflect your true value. You also receive our Website in  a Day Questionnaire to fill out.

Schedule a time slot

We then send you potential dates for your Website In A Day. Choose your date and it’s secured for your site to be built.

Design concepts

Once you’ve received our detailed proposal, two design concepts will be sent to you based on your brief and our discussions.

Provide content

This is the bit where you send us your pictures, testimonials, logo and content. If you are using a copywriter, now is the time to get them to write your content – fast.

Build the site

The big day – when we design your Website In A Day. At your office or ours – and with refreshments and lunch provided – we build the site, making sure it has the right look, feel and functionality. By 4.30 all tweaks have been made and your site is ready. We move fast.

Training and launch

Now there’s just an hour left to give you our website training. At 5.30pm you hit the ‘live’ button and your website is launched. Now that’s awesome.

For more information about Website in a day and to find out, and to talk about how we can help
you grow your business, email: or select from the options below.