How to write a killer ‘About me’ Page for your website

Some of you may know that I’m probably not the first person that you would come to for some advise on writing but what I do know is… The ‘About me’ page is incredibility important and I want to tell you why!  The About Me page is your chance to showcase your business. It is a reflection of your brand, a place to share your story and history and of course, a way to promote your vision, mission and what sets you apart from the rest.
It may seem easy to put this together, but the truth is, that the About Me page can be tricky to get right. So, with this in mind, I have put together some of the top tips for you to think about when it comes to writing a killer About Me page for your website.

Know what your value is and who you want to appeal to

Before you can start to write your about me it helps to know what it is that you want to say. Of course your history and the things that are personal to you are easy to put down. But what about the things that you can deliver to your customers? It is important that your About Me page is a reflection of the value that you can deliver to your target audience, but before you can work this out, you need to know who they are.
Get these things straight in your mind and you will soon be able to target your content to appeal to them.

Think of the About Me page as an interview

When you attend a job interview you want to present those key parts of your experience and personality that fit the role you are applying for. The same can be said for an About Me page. You might have a whole host of useful facts about yourself and your business to share. But are they all entirely relevant? Try and keep to the basics and the things that people will want to know, and they you won’t have to worry that you are putting anyone off with waffle.

Don’t forget the Call To Action

This is one part that plenty of people do forget to have in their About Me. A Call To Action reminds the person reading that there is something that they need to do. This could be to get in touch, read more on another page or simply think about using your service. No matter what you make it the aim is to get those people interested in what you have to offer.
So, there you have it. Some of the important things to remember is that your About Me is just that, a page dedicated to everything that is about you, get it right and you could really see an improvement on your lead generation and conversions.